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    There are 1000s of jobs posted by top companies in Mumbai for web and mobile app designers. Make sure you make your resume and profile shine by registering and uploading your resume on shiftapp.in. Best graphic designer jobs in Mumbai and easy to directly apply to the hiring managers on SHIFT. If you are a fresher or have experience shiftapp.in is the place for you to actively search or passively look for your next career SHIFT in Mumbai.

    Mumbai is the central hub for various jobs and career opportunities for large number of people who are searching for a good job. You can find a lot of job opportunities for web developers in Mumbai which serves as an economic hub of India that offer 10% of jobs and career opportunities. Mumbai is growing at the fast pace where you can get the best job. The role of web designers in Mumbai includes designing, coding and modifying the websites according to the client’s requirements from the layout to the function and also they do the best to create a best websites that includes clear navigation of websites and also user friendly design.

    Web design encompasses many skills, and sometimes, separate professions. A web designer works in a variety of fields and considered to be the independent contractors. They used to have varying levels of proficiency and experience in different fields. Web designers In Mumbai should have basic understanding of logo design, visual and branding user experience design, interaction design, user interface design, information architecture, and front-end development.

    Web designers in Mumbai used to work with clients and project managers to build and refine graphic designs for websites. They used to have strong skills in Sketch, InvsionApp, UX Pin, Photoshop, or equivalent application(s). They need to consider both computer programming and graphic design. Web designer used to maintain the websites after it is created and modify the websites if the clients ask. They used to work with the managers and the development teams for keeping the site up to date and prioritize the needs among the other tasks. Web designers in Mumbai convert raw images and layouts from a graphic designer into CSS/XHTML themes and they determine the appropriate architecture and make relevant recommendations to clients, and other technical solutions.

    They develop and maintain robust Web style guides for the clients and business-facing products and they used to provide thought-leadership on Web design best practices and next-generation digital trends. They used to create high-fidelity mockups for vetting and user testing, and finished .psd files for the development. They used to assist in the development of a new brand and how to convey it cohesively across our multiple Web properties. They used to create the site layout or the user interface by using the standard HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVA practices.