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    With the IT boom in Mid 2000s Mumbai has seen a rapid growth in the IT companies. This unleased an ocean of opportunities for software graduates looking to start a career in the software industry. The Software Testing Jobs In Mumbai is one of the most celebrated jobs in the software domain. Mumbai being the economic capital of India finding a Software Testing Job is not an impossible task.

    The job of a software Tester is to apply the software quality assurance process to a software during its development cycle. During the quality assurance process a software tester would try to find the errors or bug in the developed software. Some of the common errors that software tester would come around is response issues, glitches and optimization issues in different platforms. This makes the testers responsible for delivery a software that functions without any defect to the sponsors and the users.

    Like other software jobs, the software testing jobs also tend pay good salary for both fresher’s and experienced candidates. The fresher’s are usually recruited as Test Executer and after some years with the natural growth in the field they can reach position of test manager. But the career growth in testing field totally depends on the skills you possess, without hard work and leader skills it hard to reach the top position.

    The educational qualification required for Software Testing Jobs In Mumbai is a bachelors in software engineering. And it is important to have some basic knowledge about programming to get recruited for this job. With an exceptional future as software tester it is actually a great decision to choose software development as a career. For finding the best Software Testing Jobs In Mumbai shiftapp is the best job portal in India. Just by entering your keywords shiftapp display 100s of similar jobs for you to choose from.