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    If you are looking for a mobile app developer job in Chennai simply come to and register and choose Chennai as your location of choice to find your next or first job. SHIFT caters to intern and full time jobs in Chennai you can contact us directly from our chat feature once you have registered and uploaded your resume. Find your best mobile app in Chennai. SHIFT has many engineering job openings. Find your IOS, Android job on SHIFT.

    With the rapid growth in the usage of mobile phones, the demand for Mobile App Developers in Chennai has also grown significantly. Chennai is the second biggest IT hub after Bangalore in India, it hosts a vast number of Mobile App development companies. With the presences of MNC and startup companies, Chennai is the perfect place to look for a job as Mobile App developer.

    The Mobile App development is the process of developing Applications for Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) or Mobile phones. These Apps can be delivered as a web application (javascript) to provide an Application like experience with a web browser. But usually, Apps are pre-installed with the mobile phone during the manufacturing process. For freshers just graduated from college it is possible to land in a good Mobile App Developers in Chennai. Being one of the fast-growth fields in India, the carrier growth for mobile app developers is virtuous. Initial salary for the mobile App developers would be between (10k-25k), with the gradual progress in the career it is highly likely to earn 1k per month.

    Within the mobile App development domain, there are many categories like Java Application developer, mobile application developers, IOS developers and Android developers. Each of these developers will work for different platforms, for example, an IOS developer will develop an Application specifically for IOS operating system same goes for Android. But basic knowledge to become any one of this is same as Java, HTML, CSS, UI (design, mobile app portfolio assembly, OS fundamentals, and database). These can be learned from a course or from an online source also.

    The educational requirement for Mobile App Developers in Chennai is a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. For reaching a manager position in mobile App development needs a great project portfolio with a sample of completed mobile application and your best projects.