You Should Find A New Job If You Feel This Way

Posted in NEW JOB| SHIFT| SWITCHING JOBS on Dec 13, 2017

Breaking up was never easy. As such, you are not sure whether to go ahead with it.

Our career is somewhat like our relationship isn’t it? The longer we stay in it, the more we understand about it. Sometimes, we end up realizing that what it really is differs from what we originally thought it was. Yet, stepping out of our comfort zone into the uncertainty can seem too daunting.

So you seek advice from your family and your friends. You’re kept awake at night. Should you start a new career somewhere else? Ultimately, when do you know to make the shift?

Besides salary, I have always believed that happiness is critical to my decision of staying with a company. Here is my own personal checklist that may help you sort out your thoughts if you are thinking of making a career switch. You should definitely make a shift in your career if you can resonate with more than one point in the checklist.

Lack of motivation.

There was perhaps a time when you would enjoy going to work, and meeting your colleagues. There was lunch time to look forward to, and results that you would anticipate. Now, it seems that you are only working for the sake of working.

Convinced that there is no room for progress and that your ideas not being heard.

You have so much potential but your skills aren’t not being tapped. Time and time, you have spoken up but your thoughts were never heard. Every idea of yours seem to be shot down. The opportunity to prove yourself was never given to you.

Believe that you are not treated fairly for the amount of work you do.

Your workload is only ever increasing rapidly. But your pay is crawling up, or even worst, stagnant. Nobody else is helping you and you have absolutely no control over the amount of task you take on.

There is no longer work life balance.

It’s only an ideal to have a total work-life balance. It is normal nowadays to still spend more time on work than on leisure. It is not okay when you find that you are sacrificing your personal time or having to give up spending time with your family and friends just to finish up. It’s a fine line between being responsible and being deprived of your rights.

Health is affected.

Be it mentally or physically, there seems to be an adverse effect going on. Sometimes, you get nightmares or you lose sleep. Sometimes, you are losing appetite.

Don’t fit in the corporate culture.

What you believe is ethical and moral doesn’t align with what the company portrays to be theirs.

There is no right or wrong about making a switch in your career. Who doesn’t want to make a shift for a better career, for a better life?

If you feel that it is time for you to make that SHIFT you always need to a better career option, download the SHIFT job app, and all you have to do is:

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Good luck!

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