What Exactly Is Being Unhappy With Your Job Costing You

Posted in HEALTH| RELATIONSHIP on Mar 09, 2018

On average, Singaporeans live up to 82 years old. On average, Singaporeans work 2,242 hours per year. On average, Singaporeans start working full time at the age of 23.

Let’s say we retire by 62, we spend (39 years x 2,242 hours) 87,438 hours in our lives working. For some people, that is more than the amount of sleep they will ever get.

For something that you will be doing for almost half your life, if not more, are you happy? Do you know, being unhappy at work is costing you more than just your happiness?

It’s costing you your physical health. Being unhappy with your job can cause insomnia, which can lead to having a lowered immune system, subjecting yourself to musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. It is also not helpful if you happen to be someone who destress by binging on food and alcohol.

It’s costing you your mental health. It’s not uncommon to see people falling prey to anxiety and depression due to beng too stressed up at work. Over the years, cases of burnout, other common mental disorders, social and behavioural health only increases with the level of competitiveness in the society, especially in Singapore.

It’s costing you your relationships with people. Often, the people closest to us will also suffer when we are unhappy. How many times have we taken it out on our parents, siblings, partners or even friends because of something life throws at us?

For something that you will be doing for almost half your life, if not more, you deserve to be happy. Give yourself a chance to #SHIFTYourCareer so you can #SHIFTYourLife for the better.

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Good luck!

Picture credit: http://fundersandfounders.com/what-7-billion-world-population-does/