What Employers Look Out For In Your Resume


If we were to think of interviews as marketing pitches for ourselves, then we can think of resume as our advertisements.

In this increasingly competitive job market, it is imperative that your resume, like advertisements, captures the attention of the employers within the first few seconds and that it makes a good impression too.

Here are some of the content you need to put extra emphasis on in order to achieve that.

Employment history. In this section, the employer will look out for the companies that you previously worked at, the duration you worked at each company, and your accomplishments in those positions. To make yourself stand out, avoid using buzzwords. Always mention your achievements instead of job responsibilities. List your employment in chronological order with the most recent one on top!

Education qualification. Different companies place different level of emphasis on education qualification. If you have no work experience prior, the employer is going to form a first impression of you based on your education qualification. In Singapore, you can just show the qualifications obtained after secondary school. It is not necessary to indicate your academic results but if you have done fantastically, feel free to show it!

Relevant skill sets. There are 2 types of skill sets that you can put on your profile -- Hard and soft skills. Examples of hard skills include programming, foreign language, data analysis, etc. Examples of soft skills include communication, time management, conflict management. Make sure that your skill sets match the job position you are applying for.

About me. While other parts of your resume are all standard and monotone, this is the one part of the resume that allows employers to know you better as a person and not just yet another candidate. Think of it as a unique selling point for yourself. What else do you want employers to know about you besides the standard information presented?

Contact. xiaogirlzxc1314@hotmail.com, boyboy456flyhighhigh@gmail.com, these are no-go! If you have an email address like this, it is time to change a new one for professional use. It is best that the email has your name in it and keep it as simple as possible. On top of that, make sure your mobile number is correct.

Error-free content. Always make sure to double check your resume for typos. Your name, the names of the institutes you got your qualifications from, the names of the organizations you worked at, so on. Be consistent with the way you present your information on the resume. For example, if you use past tense in your job description, make sure you stick to using past tense for all your job descriptions.

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Good luck!

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