Top Qualities Employers Are Looking For


Hard skills (AKA specific technical skills) are important but possessing soft skills (AKA skills that allow you to work well with people) is imperative.

Sometimes, your soft skills may even be a bigger indicator of your job performance than the hard skills. As such, having these skills gives you a better chance at landing yourself a new job or securing yourself a promotion.

Communication. Good communication skills can never be overrated. It is only with good communication between entities, from departments down to individuals, will an organization progress fast and efficiently. As such, it is helpful to have a mental note on alternatives words and phrases you can use to replace certain negative words in order to make a better impression.

Determination. It is also sometimes referred to as the “drive”. Do you take fight or flight when you face obstacles? Even when times are tough, will you be able to find the strength within yourself to carry on? Set demanding but realistic goals. It is okay to take it slow. Being determined will take your farther than those who give up easily.

Flexibility. Everyone, including yourself, has their own way of doing certain things and their own set of principles. In the era when technology is thriving and things are ever changing, how well is your ability to adapt? Being receptive to changes and new ideas helps an organization move forward with current times and that gives you the advantage over people who are resistant to changes.

Leadership. Being a leader is definitely not about bossing people around. It is taking the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member in order to maximize the team’s potential when allocating task. It is about taking the initiative to prioritize and plan to make sure things are getting done on time.

Problem-solving. Problems are inevitable. They may occur anywhere, anytime. You become a valuable employee when you are the type who can stay calm during troubled times and are not afraid to face challenges. That does not mean you have to take on everything alone. Being willing to seek advice from others is part of problem-solving.

Time management. Coming to work on time, knowing how to pace yourself when it comes to finishing assignments on time are all aspects of time management. Being able to manage time well shows that you are responsible and results-oriented.

Work ethic. Among all the qualities, this is the hardest to be taught. In most cases, it is either you have or you don’t. Having work ethic means you are guided by rightful principles, allowing you to produce quality work even when there is no supervision.

While it is not always possible to score a 100/100 in all those qualities above, it is possible to try and understand which is your best top quality and play it to your best advantage. Work on the other qualities you might be slightly lacking and you’ll get there!

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