Things That Will Happen When You Love Your Job


Fun fact! Loving your job helps you live longer. When you love your job, you tend to have good bonds with your colleagues. This helps you to feel less stress and less anxiety which in turn makes you healthy (shoo, high blood pressure, binge eating, etc.), and being healthy means you’ll live longer!

Yes, your health will improve. Stress-related illnesses can be both physical and emotional. These illness usually happen on people who feel overwhelmed by the internal debate that goes on almost every day about going to work. When you love your work, you are less susceptible to the different physical illnesses that arises from the unnecessary stress.

Your relationships will also improve. I’m sure you’ve heard news of domestic abuse that occurred in the form of venting frustration from one adult to another or from one adult to a child. How many times have you vented your frustration about school or work on your parents, siblings, friends or even your spouse? When you love the work you do, you will tend to be more positive and patient. This spills over to your relationship to the people around you.

More energy without the energy drink. When you are doing something that you are passionate about, you will look forward to starting the day. Gone are the Monday blues, or travelling woes. Your body might feel exhausted at the end of the day but the mind remains strong and driven.

Increased confidence, why not? Some people like their job because they are good at it. Some people are good at their job, that’s why they like it. Regardless, wouldn’t you feel the motivation to strive for improvement for something that you enjoy doing? Confidence increases when you get better at doing something, ain’t it right?

Work is like relationship. Settling for the sake of settling can only do more harm than good. It is understandable though, that in Singapore, settling is sometimes inevitable because you need to pay bills, you need to support a family, you need to pay off school loans, etc. That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to stay up with the market trends and keep a look out for better job opportunities.

When you love your job, your life changes for the better. That’s why at SHIFT, we believe that that when you #SHIFTYourCareer, you can #SHIFTYourLife.

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Good luck!

Photo Credits: Lenson Sim