From A Student To An Entrepreneur


I am Daryl. This is my story: as a student, and as an entrepreneur.

I am currently an undergraduate in NUS. Just like most undergraduates, I do things that most students do. I go for classes, do assignments and projects, participate in school activities, and hang out with friends.

At the same time, I have also embarked on a different journey. Early this year, I started DGG Resume, a career development platform for all jobseekers. The platform seeks to help jobseekers with different steps along the job search process.

Managing both responsibilities and making the transition from a student to an entrepreneur has been anything but easy.

But it has certainly been fun and fulfilling.

I hope that by sharing my story, you can have a better picture on how it is being a full-time student, while running a business on the side.

Aspiring student entrepreneurs, do consider these points that I have to share!

Student Vs Entrepreneur: Roles and Responsibilities

How is a student different from being an entrepreneur? The first key differences are the roles I play, and the responsibilities I hold.

Role as a student

As a student, my main role is to be a keen learner in classes, and to be a good team member in projects and activities.

Role as an entrepreneur

As for an entrepreneur, I play an integral role in managing everything about the business. This includes (and is not limited to) business development, marketing, customer service, and delivery of services.

I also play the role as the main liaison of the business, in charge of communicating and building a network of other relevant businesses.

Responsibilities as a student

As a student, I have some responsibilities that I have to fulfil.

I have to wake up and attend classes (even the nightmare 8 am classes!). I will also have to participate and contribute actively in classes and group activities. Outside of class, I also partake in other co-curricular activities and have fun!

Responsibilities as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I am responsible for the everyday running and ongoing development of the business.

To fulfil my roles as stated earlier, I have to a number of responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and drive customer interest
  • Clarify customer's enquiries and resolving any problems they might have
  • Delivering the actual service(s) engaged, be it resume writing, cover letter writing or LinkedIn profile development
  • Contact and liaise with other businesses for potential collaborations and partnerships
  • Strategize and plan for the long-term health of the company

Student Vs Entrepreneur: Commitments

Another challenge between being a student versus being an entrepreneur is the level of commitment you need to have for each role.

Commitment level of a student

As a student, I have to juggle different deadlines and assignments. Not forgetting the constant hunt for jobs/internships, and performing the tasks required from co-curricular activities.

The good news is that commitments are always planned and structured. There are always timely breaks provided – Recess and reading weeks, for me to relax and recharge. There are also long summer and winter breaks that I can use to take my mind off the hectic school life. Each struggling module also ends after each semester, so the worries and struggles will end along with the semester.

Commitment level of an entrepreneur

On the other hand, an entrepreneur needs to have an ongoing full commit to his/her business.

Business matters are always on my mind, night and day. I often think about ways to improve delivery of the services, marketing content and strategies, ways to continue growing the business and providing value for audiences. It is a never-ending cycle of hypothesizing, testing, iterating, and progressing.

There seems to be no breaks from the business, as there are always new developments to build and grow the business. If the business is too idle and stagnant, that is probably a bad sign too!

A Learning Journey

Despite the many different challenges and responsibilities a student entrepreneur has to face, it has been a truly meaningful and learning journey for me.

I have learnt many new skills from scratch, such as website development, pricing strategies, SEO and more.

I have also gained many intangible skills, such as presentation and communication skills, as well as business relationship building with other companies.

Key Takeaways

  1. Starting a business as a student is perhaps the best time: You have few worries about families to feed and bills to pay; You have ample time outside of school to explore alternative opportunities; You have low opportunity costs, as entrepreneurship at this stage will not cost you your current career.
  2. Entrepreneurship also provides a whole set of practical skills and experiences that can complement and put into practice most lessons and theories learnt in the classroom.
  3. Entrepreneurship all boils down to effectively addressing customer needs, and providing value for customers.

Not surprisingly, I realized that I find most meaning in my work when it has positively impacted clients: when clients gave positive feedback about my services contributing to their successful job hunt.

Entrepreneurship is a tough, but rewarding journey.

Hope you’ve had a good taste of what entrepreneurship is like. To find out more about what I do, head on to to explore and drop me an email!

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