Questions to Ask Before Relocating for a New Job

Posted in JOB-SEACH| RELOCATING on May 27, 2018

Even before the world becomes a global village, relocating to find a new job or to explore new ventures were common. Before aeroplanes were invented, people take ships and boats. Lives were lost easily. A lot of considerations have to be done, especially if one was leaving behind their family.

Now that technology has improved and we can get across oceans in a fairly faster time with much lesser risk, and we are able to connect directly online with our loved ones, the things to consider about before relocating did not decrease much.

Among all the questions that are asked, here are some to prioritize.

What is the new cost of living? A lot of time, people relocate to earn a better wage so they can help improve the financial situation back at home. Therefore, the cost of living in the new location is crucial. Higher cost of living means you might have lesser to send home.

Is it safe? According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy, human’s need to feel safe is just one level above the need for basic necessities such as food and water. The lack of safety can take a toll on one’s mental and even physical health. Survival is more valuable than any monetary gains.

What is the culture at the other side like? Whether it’s relocating from one region to another within the same country, or across oceans, you can be sure that culture is going to vary. Be sure you do your due diligence in finding out the lifestyle and behaviour of people from the place you intend to relocate to. It will help you integrate into the environment and make friends more easily.

What are the current obligations currently? Are you taking your spouse and kids with you? Do you have elderly parents who prefer to to stay and keep them companied during the weekends? Have you finished paying off your loans or will someone else be hounded for what you owed? Make sure you have settled all necessary obligations so no one has to shoulder any burden you are leaving behind.

What are the prospects? If you are being asked to relocate at a company’s request, good for you. That means you are sought after, has a position secured and your expenses will be covered (most companies do that). However, if you are just relocating in the hopes of finding a better prospect, make sure you research on what are the market demands over at the location and maybe, even start applying for jobs there before you make the move.

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