India's Work Culture

Posted in CULTURE| INDIA| WORK on May 06, 2018

Should I act more professional or be myself? Is there really a need to dress up every day? Work culture differs from region to region. It can also vary from department to department within the very same company.

We recognize that India is a huge place and that work culture may vary across the land but this may help you have a general idea of the Indian work environment.

Attitude and mindset. India is still generally authority-oriented. Unlike the western culture where it is more acceptable for subordinates to voice out their thoughts and a second opinion to operations, Indians are less inclined to do so. Instead, subordinates are expected to obey instructions without questions. This stems from the Indian culture where children were taught to always respect their elders and this way of thinking is inevitably brought into the workplace.

That being said, co-workers on the “same level” are friendly to each other and quick to foster strong bonds. This definitely helps one in becoming comfortable at the workplace and that contributes largely to a healthy and encouraging environment.

Fashion. Unlike the older days, what you wear is less of a concern these days. The dress code is pretty casual in modern times. If you are a male, you can wear collared shirts and trousers to work. If you are a female, you can wear a colourful salwar kameez. If you want to be more formal, you can add on a jacket and tie. Sometimes, females on the management level also wear sarees. Of course, the extent to how casual the dress code is ultimately depends on the company too.

Time management. While most Indians consider work their topmost priority, it is common to see someone arriving late for work (then working extra hours to finish up the tasks). It is also not unusual when there are still people arriving into the meeting room 10 mins or so after it started. In short, punctuality is a flexible thing.

Despite the flexibility, it is advisable that you be on time. Being on time means you will never miss out important content in meetings and also go home on time. But let’s leave the list of reasons to why you should be on time to another day.

Bear in mind that India is a large country and culture and vary across the north to south. Nothing is wrong or right and the onus is on you to find out to the best you can, what kind of environment the company you want to work at is like.

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