Importance of Coding


It’s real, and it’s undeniable. Technology is on the rise and we might very well be at the peak of this exploration. As such, it doesn’t take much to guess what’s a hot course to open up more career paths for you.

Programming, coding, yes that’s right! Coding skills have been popular for years and it is going to stay this way for a long time, if not, on even higher demand. Besides the practical use of coding skills itself, here is why employers highly sought after employees with coding ability.

Problem-solving skills. Problem solving is the core of programming. When something is not working properly, programmers got to analyze and break down the issues into parts. It can take many troubleshooting session before hitting a solution and sometimes it may be all down to one punctuation getting all that error.

Patience “Troubleshooting is the easiest thing!” said no programmer ever. Patience is a virtue, yet not something everyone has. Programmers on the other hand have to train themselves to be highly patient. How else will they get through all the troubleshooting without flipping their tables?

Critical thinking. After spending time and energy to look at problems after problems, programmers will realize that sometimes, one problem can be simply solved with more than one solution. Programmers learn to look at one problem from different perspective and understand things are different levels. Does this help to build up creativity? You bet!

Gone were the days where people used to be skeptical about things that revolve around technology. Here we are, in the times where being armed with the ability to code makes you an ideal employee.

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Good luck!

Photo Credits: Photo by Charles Deluvio PHCA on Unsplash