How To Make Your Profile Look Better (On SHIFT App)

Posted in BETTER| PROFESSIONAL| PROFILE on Oct 10, 2017

Do you know… Besides chance, fate and luck, there are actually things that you can do to help you get noticed by employers more easily?

While hundreds of others are applying for that same job position that you are applying for, how are you going to make yourself stand out?

Based on feedback we have received from employers on board, here’s how you can do it on SHIFT job app!

A profile is strong when it is completed. The first thing you should do is to fill up your profile. Make sure all important information is in. When we say important information, we are referring to your contact, education history, employment history, and “About Me”. It would definitely help you stand out more if you filled in additional information such as your current job title (“Fresh Grad” is a job title too!), years of experience in the industry you are interested in, and your expected salary. Information like these help the employers gauge whether your expectations match theirs.

Mention relevant experiences only. Having lots of working experiences is a good thing! That is especially so during interviews when you are asked to recall something from past employment. However, when an employer is going through hundreds of other profiles, mentioning only relevant experiences helps save their time when going through your profile. It gives off the impression that you are precise and you understand what they are looking for. Other work experiences that are less relevant can be shared during the interview.

List your experiences in chronological order. Who doesn’t like things to be in order? When you list your education and employment history in chronological order, it helps the employer to notice your most recent education and employment status right away. It helps to show how considerate you are for them when you save them the hassle of having to go through your experiences one by one and mentally arranging them in their heads.

Let your personality shine through the “About Me” section. It’s generally the same thing for each profile. Name, contact, education and employment history. Despite so, you can still make the first virtual impression via your “About Me”. This is a section for you to market yourself! It can be anything from a brief summary of what you learned from past experiences, what your goals are or what you are passionate about.

Use an appropriate profile picture. Group photo, wefie, cropping a photo taken with others, these are examples of what NOT to use as your profile picture. A clear picture of yourself with a clean background is definitely safe. If you are unsure, you can always look up “corporate portrait” for inspiration or “environmental corporate portrait” if you want it to be a little more lively.

SHIFT job app is designed to make job matching an easier process. It is interesting and very fast when swiping right is all a job seeker has to do in order to apply for a job but you wouldn’t want to send the employer an uncompleted profile of yourself, would you?

We believe you are genuinely looking to find quality jobs and therefore it is extremely vital to have a profile that conveys how serious you are and to present yourself as a talent of quality as well.

If finding a job fast and making a direct connection with the employer is what you are looking for, download the SHIFT job app, and all you have to do is:

  1. Fill up your profile (which is also your resume)
  2. Swipe up to apply

Good luck!

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