How To Ace A Video Call Interview

Posted in ACE| INTERVIEW| VIDEO CALL on Oct 10, 2017

As technology advances and improves, video call interviews are getting more popular.

It is convenient and efficient for both employers and the candidates. This is especially useful for global hiring. Here is how you can be ready to take on video call interviews!

Prep your tech. A strong internet connection is of paramount importance. It will appear rude if the video call is cut off abruptly and that will not reflect well on you. Set up your camera, microphone or headset and do a trial run with a partner. Make sure that your partner is able to hear you clearly. If possible, adjust your camera such that it is at eye-level and showing you from waist up.

Prep your set. Avoid doing video call interviews at places such as caf├ęs, where you are unable to control the environment. It is best for you to conduct your video call interviews at home. However, beware of being too comfortable! Pay attention to what will be visible to your potential employer. That pair of socks and worn clothes definitely got to go.

Prep your tools. Print out information of the company, position you are interviewing for and your resume and place them right beside the computer so that you can easily refer to in case you need them. Have those information ready on your computer as well.

Prep your looks. Yes, looks definitely matter in this case. It is advisable to be fully dressed from head to toe as though you are going for a real interview instead of only dressing the top half of yourself. You might never know when you will need to stand up and get or do something during the interview.

Video call interviews are extremely similar to face-to-face interviews and thus it is best you prepare for it as you would for face-to-face interviews. The only difference is that you get to sleep in a little bit later (#yay) and save on transport (#doubleyay). Use the freedom of video call (being able to have extra help such as printouts beside you) to your advantage!

Of course, you will first need to find a job so download the SHIFT job app, and all you have to do is:

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Good luck!

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