How To Ace A Phone Call Interview


Some companies have taken a new approach to sieving out potential candidates for face-to-face interviews.

That new approach (okay, maybe not so new too) is… Phone call interviews!

Here are some tips you might wish to consider for phone call interviews.

Set your phone’s notification ringtone to the maximum volume (if possible). Some interviewers might not call back so you wouldn’t want to miss an important call like this, would you? Therefore, whenever possible, make sure your notification ringtone is at the maximum volume, best coupled with vibration to minimize the chance of missing the phone calls.

Do your homework. Recognize that a phone call interview is still after all an official interview so make sure you are well prepared. Study the company through their website and social media page. Understand the responsibilities of the job you are interviewing for.

Be in the right environment. By right environment, we mean an environment where you and the interviewer can hear each other clearly. No one likes to repeat every single question they ask. Most of the time, interviewers will not have time to hear you repeat every single answer either. This is a show of respect for both the interviewer and yourself.

Answer with precision. Ensure that you hear the question clearly before answering. If unsure, ask politely for the interviewer to repeat the question. Be as short and sweet as possible. Short and sweet, but not curt!

Smile. This is not odd at all! Smiling during the phone call will help you sound more cheerful and confident even if the person on the other end of the line is not able to see you. This is precisely also the reason why keeping that smile on you is important.

These phone call interviews might be scheduled or unscheduled. If it is the latter, and you are not in a suitable environment to take the call, do them them know that you appreciate them for calling and ask for a convenient time to call them back.

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Good luck!

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