How To Ace A Face-To-Face-Interview


Are you here because you are preparing for an upcoming interview?

If yes, congratulations for the interview! If not, congratulations too, for you are about to be equipped with helpful tips for your future interviews!

There are different types of interviews with the most common (in Singapore) being phone call interviews, video call interviews and face-to-face interviews (this is still the most popular). Here’s how to ace a face-to-face interview!

There are 3 parts to acing your face-to-face interview: Before, during and after.

Before the interview…

Be ready for the company. Visit the company’s website and social media page to understand more about the company’s mission and vision. If they have videos on their company’s operations, watch it! Find out more about their style. Are they casual or formal? Follow the dress code that matches the company’s style.

Be ready for the job. Be familiar with the responsibilities of the position that you are applying for and think about how your past experience can add value to the company through this position.

Be ready for the interview. Go through a few commonly asked interview questions on your own (or with someone) and think about how you might want to showcase your best qualities and strengths through those questions. Prepare at least 2 copies of your resume and have it with you.

If the company did not mention it, finding out the name of the person who is going to be interviewing you might help you make an impressive first impression!

During the interview…

Greet the interviewer. If they did not mention their name, ask them for it.

Take a seat after the interviewer does unless they tell you to have a seat first.

Be yourself and answer questions about your past experiences truthfully.

Keep your smile on to show your enthusiasm and confidence.

You can also be extra awesome on the day of the interview by always being polite (then again, you should be this awesome everyday…). Thank the person who help you to open the door, smile to the receptionist. If this is where you are going to be working at then being on good terms with everybody will make your stay at the company a pleasant one.

After the interview…

Thank the interviewer for their time (regardless of the interview results).

Make a note on the questions that you think you might need to work on so that you can do even better in any future interviews.

Do remember to send them an email to follow-up if you told them you would.

If you notice, a bulk of acing your interview lies in the preparation before it so always make sure you are well-prepared and you will generally do fine in the interview.

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Good luck!

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