5 "C"S To Your Career


There was a time when people said that…

A Singaporean is success if he/she has cash, car, condominium, credit card and country club membership altogether. Well… We are not here to define the definition of what it means to be successful but we can share with you the 5 “C”s that can lead you to a better position in your career!

Credibility. Be credible by being true to your words. If you made a promise, see to it that it happens. Your credibility can affect the way people behave towards you, the things they think and say about you. When you are credible, people trust you. The more people trust you, the more positive they will be towards you.

Competence. Be competent by taking up challenges. When you are able to overcome challenges, you will gain knowledge and skills. The more challenges you overcome, the more capable you are being regarded. A gem is what you will become.

Consistency. Be consistent by making sure you are keeping up with your good performance and the quality of work you are producing. Create a work routine, have a standard checklist to make sure you don’t miss out anything and never cut yourself any slack when it comes to the work you are submitting. The constant showcase of quality work allows others to see how persevering and responsible you are.

Congeniality. Be congenial by being respectful to everyone. Stay civil even during times of conflict. Volunteer to help out when you can. There is no one to bring you down when everyone loves you!

Contacts. Make an effort to remember people’s names. Add them on social media and check in on them every once a while. That way, you are building up the trust and understanding between yourself and the other party. The bigger your network is, the more influential you are. In current times when social media and technology is thriving, social capital is of paramount significance.

Having all the 5 “C”s above will not immediately earn you a big paycheck but they will give you a better work environment to thrive in. Ultimately, a career is more meaningful when you earn the genuine friendship and respect of your colleagues.

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